Slurry Valves & Samplers that work

Designed & manufactured in South Africa


eDART Dart Valves

Dart Valves

We make internal & external dart valves for flotation cells, leach tanks & splitter boxes.

Knife Gates

Heavy duty metal seated knife gates to handle tough slurry isolation duties.
Pinch Valve

Pinch Valves

Ideal for isolating high pressure slurry application such as tailings disposal.
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Process Control Samplers

Primary & secondary process control samplers for metallurgical calibration & compliance.

Engineered Systems

eDART Distribution System

Splitter & Distribution Boxes

CFD designed splitter & distribution boxes
eDART Lime Dosing Valve

Dosing Valves

Specialist know how for designing lime ring mains & supply of lime addition valves.
eDART flotation bypass system

Flotation By-pass System

You can take one flotation cell safely offline for repair/maintenance whilst producing concentrate with the remaining cells.
eDART Back Pressure Pipe

Back Pressure Pipe

CFD designed back pressure pipe to improve final flotation cell level control.

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