Pinch Valves

Pinch Valves

eDART Pinch Valves are reliable, low maintenance, cost-effective valves engineered for tough slurries, dry and wet abrasives, and corrosive chemical applications. When fully open the 100% full bore design is identical to a rubber lined pipe.

Enclosed Frame

High pressure zero spillage

The enclosed frame pinch valve is our heaviest duty model designed so that the body can withstand full line pressure (designed to PER standards) if the sleeve ruptures. Typically used on high pressure slurry applications (PN40, PN25) such as tailings line, it provides a dual level of protection for the operators & surrounding environment. It has hydraulically powered by opposing cylinders

Shrouded Frame

Protect sleeve from elements

The shrouded frame pinch valve offers the sleeve protection from the elements (especially UV light) and re-directs spillage should the sleeve rupture. This is done by having a large opening (greater than the pipe area) at the bottom and is designed to only redirect the spillage and not to contain it. Suitable for PN10 & PN16 applications.

Open Frame

Cost effective

The open frame pinch valve is offered as the economical pinch valve. There is no compromise on build quality but by removing material used in the shroud or enclosed model, it allows for valve isolation functionality at a more competitive price. Suitable for applications up to PN10.

In-Situ Sleeve Replacement

In-situ patented sleeve replacement system engineered to replace a sleeve in under 30 min: Very safe system, no crane or rigging required & minimum labour. This comes in two versions:

  • High Lift (<ND400) is a vertical design to lift the upper body upwards to provide easy access for sleeve changing.
  • Easy Change (>ND400) is a horizontal design with vertical pinch bars and two opposing actuators for sleeve changing.


Early warning sleeve

With embedded sensor to indicate that the wear liner has worn and replacement of the sleeve should be scheduled for the next available shutdown.

Internet of Things (loT)

Under development for real time diagnostics (sleeve condition, valve position, line pressure, hydraulics pressures, body cavity pressure, temperature, GPS, etc)

100% full bore design

Identical to a rubber lined pipe, for no line losses in open position

Pre-Pinched profile sleeves

Available for linear valve characteristics

Various Sizes

DN150 - DN1000 and larger on request

Pressure Ratings

PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40


Sleeves are available in various rubber and polyurethane elastomers to best suit specific applications

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