eDART's Pinch Valves are a dependable and cost-effective valve solution, engineered to excel in challenging conditions involving tough slurries, both dry and wet abrasives, as well as corrosive chemical substances. These valves are designed to minimize maintenance requirements while delivering reliable performance.

Notably, the 100% full bore design of these valves is identical to that of a rubber-lined pipe when fully open. This characteristic ensures unobstructed flow and efficient operation, further contributing to the overall effectiveness of the valve.


High pressure zero spillage

The enclosed frame pinch valve represents our most robust and heavy-duty model. Its design is tailored to ensure that the valve body can withstand the entire line pressure, as per the standards set by PER, even in the event of sleeve rupture. This model finds particular application in high-pressure slurry scenarios, such as tailings lines, where pressures can reach PN16, PN25 and PN40 levels. Notably, this valve offers a dual layer of protection, safeguarding both operators and the surrounding environment.

The hydraulic operation of this valve is powered by opposing cylinders. This mechanism contributes to the valve’s efficient performance, enhancing its reliability and effectiveness in managing demanding applications.


High pressure electric actuation

Introducing a novel design for electric actuation in high-pressure enclosed environments. This innovation optimizes the efficiency and precision of electric actuators within confined spaces, ensuring seamless operation even under elevated pressures.


Protect sleeve from elements

The shrouded frame pinch valve protects the sleeve from UV light and redirects spillage if the sleeve ruptures. It includes a large bottom opening to guide spillage away. Note that this design focuses on spillage redirection, not containment.

This valve is suitable for PN10 and PN16 applications. The blend of sleeve protection and spillage management boosts valve durability and environment safety.

Protect sleeve from elements

The shrouded frame pinch valve shields the sleeve from external factors, especially UV light. It redirects potential spillage with a large base opening, focusing on guiding spillage away rather than containment.

This valve suits PN10 and PN16 applications, combining sleeve protection and spillage redirection for component durability and safety.


Cost effective

The open frame pinch valve is offered as the economical pinch valve. There is no compromise on build quality but by removing material used in the shroud or enclosed model, it allows for valve isolation functionality at a more competitive price. Suitable for applications up to PN10.


Rigid, for non-horizontal pipelines

This pinch valve employs a frame with two fixed actuators, making it ideal for use in pipelines that are not horizontally aligned. The dual actuators provide stability and control, enabling reliable operation in pipelines with different orientations. This design flexibility ensures effective flow regulation in scenarios where pipeline angles vary from the horizontal plane.


In-situ patented sleeve replacement system engineered to replace a sleeve in under 30 min: Very safe system, no crane or rigging required & minimum labour. This comes in two versions:

  • High Lift (<ND400) is a vertical design to lift the upper body upwards to provide easy access for sleeve changing.
  • Easy Change (>ND400) is a horizontal design with vertical pinch bars and two opposing actuators for sleeve changing.


Early warning sleeve

With embedded sensor to indicate that the wear liner has worn and replacement of the sleeve should be scheduled for the next available shutdown.

Internet of Things (loT)

Under development for real time diagnostics (sleeve condition, valve position, line pressure, hydraulics pressures, body cavity pressure, temperature, GPS, etc)

100% full bore design

Identical to a rubber lined pipe, for no line losses in open position

Pre-Pinched profile sleeves

Available for linear valve characteristics

Various Sizes

DN150 - DN1000 and larger on request

Pressure Ratings

PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40


Sleeves are available in various rubber and polyurethane elastomers to best suit specific applications