Back Pressure Solution

eDART’s Back Pressure Solution is installed on the final flotation cell discharge end to improve the slurry level control.

Typically banks of flotation cells are designed to have a standard step height from cell-to-cell to facilitate the gravity flow of slurry downstream. In the final flotation cell the step height increases by order of magnitude often resulting in severe instability and total loss of slurry level control.

To improve level control performance in the final cell and to reduce the pressure drop across the final dart valve, a back pressure device with a dart valve incorporated, is used to artificially reduce the step height resulting in dramatically improved level control & mass pull in the final float cell.

Design Approach

Before doing the initial mechanical design, we first analyse the process data taking into account current & future throughput scenarios. Once we have completed the dart valve sizing we create a basic mechanical design for the back pressure pipe. We use our CFD tools to predict:

  • Slurry mixing (homogenous slurry vs separation of particles by size / density)
  • Slurry velocity impact on wear & maintenance

Mechanical design is then iteratively improved until optimized.

System Brochure

CFD of Back Pressure Solution

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