Splitter & Distribution Boxes

eDART offers bespoke CFD designed splitter & distribution boxes for slurry applications. With the modelling tools that we use in-house, we are able to accurately split slurry by volume as well as by Particle Size Distribution (PSD).

Splitter Box

A splitter box is a control application where the inlet flows are distributed in a predetermine ratio between multiple outlets.

Distribution Box

A distribution box is an isolation application where flow in multiple outlets are either on or off.

Design Approach

When doing the initial mechanical design & sizing, we perform a low risk assessment of name plate & future throughput options for you. Once we have completed the basic mechanical design we use our CFD tools to predict:

  • Slurry mixing (homogenous slurry vs separation of particles by size / density)
  • Slurry velocity impact on wear & maintenance

Mechanical design is then iteratively improved until optimized.

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