Internal Dart Valve

Internal Dart Valve

DART’s internal dart valves are body-less valves suitable for installation within a slurry tank, cell or box. There are two main variations – self-contained triDart valves which are factory calibrated and installed as a single unit; and iDart valves which have a bolt down seat cage with only a shaft extending to the actuation unit. Both types offer the stability and reliability advantages of head-guiding where the plug is guided into the seat with bars set out all around the plug.


The TriDart is a self-contained internal dart valve which is dropped into the vessel and bolted down. It has the significant advantage of being pre-assembled, pre-compressed and calibrated prior to shipment to site. The TriDart is recommended for tank depth of up to 2–3 metres.

Sealed TriDart

It is the same as the Tridart but with the addition of bellows so that the valve can be used in a pressurised vessel such as the underflow of a cyclone.


The simplest internal dart valve in our range but requires the most time for installation & calibration. The actuator mounting plate is bolted to the to the vessel framework and the seat cage to the bottom of the vessel; then the positioner needs to be calibrated & the plug head compression fitted to the seat. The valve does not require additional internal guide plates as the guiding is done on the plug head.

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