Lime Dosing Valve

Lime Dosing Valve

The inline Lime Dosing Valve is a self flushing dart valve that accurately adds set doses of lime slurry without any of the complications of conventional valves in this application.

A lime ring main is used to neutralise tailings or to control the PH of a medium. Typically, lime is continuously pumped around the ring main because it tends to settle and harden when standing still. A Tee-piece is inserted into the line (called a take-off line) and the lime dosing is controlled with a dart valve.

As the dart valve opens the vertical take-off line fills up. When closed the line gravity flushes and therefore does not leaving a pocket in the pipe to solidify. The frequency and volume of lime addition can be set within your PLC to ensure over or under-dosing doesn’t take place.

Large Dosing Valve

Small Dosing Valve

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