External Dart Valve

Dual eDart

The Dual eDart is an external dart valve mounted on the side of a flotation cell. It has been optimised for variable slurry flow by having two plugs and seats within the body. This gives the valve a high rangeability and fine control. Because the valve is external to the vessel it is well suited to upgrade projects and where safety is a concern. The valve, in conjunction with knife gate valves, may be isolated and easily maintained.

The body can be customized to suit multiple outlet configurations on the front and side

Single eDart

The Single eDart is optimised for fine level control of slurry typically on flotation banks. There is a single plug and seat in this valve body. Due to the valves flexible orientation, it is ideal for plant retrofits. It is mounted externally to the vessel meaning that it may be maintained easily in a safe and accessible manner using the walkway next to the tank.


Improved safety - no more working inside vessels for valve maintenance

eDart’s are pre-calibrated & pre-compressed (plug ‘n play) = much quicker installation & commissioning in the field

Process - Shorter, lighter connecting shaft = quicker response time for Advanced Process Control (APC)

Process - External dart “valve seating” options offers process flexibility (increase / decrease flowrates)

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