The Dual eDart is an externally mounted dart valve designed to be affixed to the side of a flotation cell. This valve configuration has been strategically enhanced to accommodate fluctuating slurry flow by incorporating two plugs and seats within the valve body. This dual setup imparts the valve with notable rangeability and precise control capabilities.

Due to its external placement on the vessel, the Dual eDart is particularly well-suited for retrofit projects and scenarios prioritizing safety. This positioning facilitates ease of maintenance and upgrades. Moreover, in tandem with knife gate valves, this valve can be isolated and serviced without complication.

Customization of the valve body is also a notable feature. This allows for tailored adaptation to accommodate various outlet configurations both on the front and side of the valve, enhancing its versatility and suitability for diverse applications.


The Single eDart is specifically designed to excel in precise level control of slurry, particularly in flotation banks. This valve variant features a single plug and seat arrangement within its body. Notably, the valve's adaptable orientation renders it highly suitable for retrofitting into existing plant setups.

The Single eDart is externally mounted onto the vessel, providing distinct advantages. This positioning ensures convenient maintenance, aligning with safety standards. Maintenance can be efficiently conducted from the accessible walkway adjacent to the tank, simplifying upkeep procedures and minimizing operational disruptions.


Improved safety - no more working inside vessels for valve maintenance

eDart’s are pre-calibrated & pre-compressed (plug ‘n play) = much quicker installation & commissioning in the field

Process - Shorter, lighter connecting shaft = quicker response time for Advanced Process Control (APC)

Process - External dart “valve seating” options offers process flexibility (increase / decrease flowrates)

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