eDART offers a range of metal-seated knife gate valves, meticulously crafted to excel in challenging slurry environments. These valves are especially well-suited for demanding conditions, particularly in instances involving larger sizes and elevated pressures.

Conversely, our poly lined valves retain the same robust and durable attributes, but they are specifically tailored for smaller sizes and lower pressure scenarios. These valves are optimized to achieve tight shut-off, making them an ideal choice where precise sealing is necessary. This versatility in valve offerings ensures effective solutions across a spectrum of application requirements.


The heavy-duty one-piece body ensures that the valve resists pipe expansion and pipe misalignment – fewer pipe supports needed.

An extra thick heavy-duty gate extends the valve’s life and is less vulnerable to slurry hammer. The gate is precision ground so a good gland seal is obtained and the gate doesn’t need to be manually scrubbed after the valve has been operated.

The robust pedestal is laser cut for uncompromising support of the actuator & gate even at awkward angles and large enough that the maintenance crew have adequate access to tightening the gland. Instrumentation mounting points are standard.

The sacrificial deflection cone for the metal seated version protects the seat from premature wear by lifting the flow over the metal seat to protect it from the destructive action of the slurry. It is made from a hard 75 Rockwell high chrome material designed to be resistant to erosion and easily replaceable.

Guards can be added to protect the moving parts from debris and to protect personnel from injury.