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Solving complex slurry challenges

Designing and manufacturing of slurry equipment to improve recovery rates for metallurgical plants through extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) expertise.

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing of slurry equipment. For flotation machines we have the internally plug guided i-Dart Valve for deep tanks and the tri-Dart Valve for the shallower conventional cells. Our single- and dual- external slurry control valves are excellent for brownfield upgrades where safety is important and there are restrictive space constraints. Our inline options – y Dart valve, flash dart valve and our premium product poly y dart valve – are suitable in high wear zones. We also offer prepinched, restricted and characterised single and dual actuated pinch valves with either a standard rubber or a propriety dual layer polyurethane sleeve. Whatever your slurry application, please talk to eDART about it. Think slurry & call eDART.

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Specialised valve products for slurry applications

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Providing assistance with installation and maintenance of your valves.